hydraulic face mask

hydraulic face mask

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hydraulic face mask

Garnier Fresh-Mix Face Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid Ingredients


Price: 3.99 GBP for a mask but on offer at Boots at 3 for 2.

The packaging is so unique!!! Garnier claims it to be the first of its kind- a DIY sheet mask where the packet has 2 separate compartments. One houses the hyaluronic acid enriched serum (claiming to be a full bottle of serum) & the other has the dry cellulose sheet mask. When you fold along the lines & push the serum towards the mask, the seal breaks & saturates the dry sheet mask thus creating your own mask with maximum potency

The sheet mask is easy to fit & even out on the skin & feels cooling & very soothing on my tired skin. I have to say, the amount of serum is very generous & the mask even after being fully saturated, there is a lot more left. I pour it out into a small tub & use it up over a couple of days ?



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Garnier Fresh-Mix Face Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid

Is there an immediate result after 15 minutes? Oh yes! My skin immediately looks like it has had a long drink of water- looks fresh, smooth & dewy & yesss..definitely well-rested! The mask hydrates my dry winter skin beautifully without making it greasy & I can see how it is such a top hit among dry skinned beauties! It will be their HG!

I massage the excess serum from the sheet into my face & the entire day I never need to apply any sort of moisturizer which is a very big deal considering I need a minimum of 3 applications to get through a day.

I love love love the plumping & hydrating effect & the fact that it has not aggravated my skin in any way

The mask has a sweet fruity fragrance which does linger but it is not bothersome.

1> Very unique packaging to ensure freshness & maximum effect.

2> Generous amount of serum provided which can be used separately as well.

3> Easy to apply & even out on skin.

4> Shows results from 1st use- immediate hydration, plumping & smoothing of skin.

5> No greasy or tacky feel

6> The hydration is locked well into skin & I never need any other moisturiser throughout the day.

Pricey considering a single use mask.

My Rating: 5/5!

Do I recommend the?Garnier Fresh-Mix Face Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid?

Garnier Fresh-Mix Face Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid?is a very unique & effective sheet mask containing a potent hyaluronic acid shot for dull, dry skin to transform skin immediately making it supple, glowy & hydrated. I simply love this for my dry skin in winter & highly recommend it.

Garnier Fresh-Mix Face Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid Review

What Garnier Says-

Discover the first ‘DIY’ mix-it-yourself shot mask, by Garnier. In one section is a hydrating formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid, and separately in the other section is an ultra-absorbent, dry algae tissue mask, waiting to be infused. Mix it when you want! Once mixed, the tissue is instantly
transformed into a soft gel with a bouncy cushion texture that? fits to the face to replump the skin with moisture and leave skin softer and supple.

PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS:** After 1 week (3 applications), skin feels smoother and bouncier. After 4 weeks (12 applications),
skin feels? firmer and more elastic. *quantity of a 30ml bottle of serum **self-assessment 83 women.

After just 15 minutes(3):
– Fine lines are less visible
– Intensey hydrated skin
– Skin is smoothed and dewy

After 1 week(4):
– Skin looks plumped with moisture
– Skin looks younger, firmer
– Lines are reduced
Self-assessment: (3)on 50 women after one single use, (4)after 3 applications per week

How to Use-
1. Fold the sachet according to the arrow and the dotted line.
2. Fold again according to the second arrow on the right, pushing the juice towards the right.
3. Push the juice until the seal opens.
4. Push all the juice into the tissue chamber, making sure tissue is fully infused, wait 1 minute.
5. Open sachet and apply the mask onto the face.
6. Remove after 15 minutes, massage in any excess serum or remove with a cotton pad.

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